River Parishes Tourism Investment Grant

It is the desire of the River Parishes Tourist Commission (RPTC) to assist with events and initiatives that generate overnight guests and increase tourism, while enhancing the visitor’s experience in the River Parishes. Grants may be awarded annually in support of tourism-related events and marketing initiatives. Preference is given to new projects or events.

The River Parishes Tourist Commission is now accepting grant applications for 2020.

RPTC grants are used to assist with promoting and supporting events and initiatives that generate overnight visits and increase tourism, along with enhancing visitors’ experiences to the River Parishes. Funding comes from occupancy taxes collected in the River Parishes that is reinvested in the local communities through the grant program.

Several key changes were made to the grant program:

  1. Entities are now eligible to apply for grant funding, with a one-to-one cash match eligibility
  2. A pre-application workshop is now included as part of the process, helping applicants determine how to best generate a successful funding request
  3. The application is now easier to fill out and is provided online only, allowing those completing the application to submit documents, budgets and copy/paste information easily into the new form.

DOWNLOAD: River Parishes Tourist Investment Grant application guidelines

Include Area Code
Your organization's Federal Tax ID

Event/Initiative Information

Example: www.facebook.com/businessname or www.facebook.com/event page
Enter 0 for a new event/initiative
Grant maximum is $2,000 for marketing and $6,000 for special events

Funding and Budget

If forms below do not have enough space for all your entries, you may upload a more detailed document at the end.

Demographic Data

Information may not be applicable to all applications, however, it applicant is submitting an event for grant funds this section should be completed

Grant Submission

By signing this form, the applicant certifies they will abide by grant program guidelines. Applicant understands submission of grant application is not an approval of funding and partial funds may be awarded or the scope of funding may be modified.

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